You are currently viewing 5 HANDY TIPS FOR WORKING FROM HOME!


COVID-19 has presented an opportunity for many employees to work from home. While this may give you more freedom and flexibility, it may also present some obstacles.

Here are 5 Handy Tips to help keep you on track with your workload, when working from home:

Keep the same routine as if you were still going to the office to work, showering and dressing for the day as normal can help us feel more motivated and productive throughout the working day.

2. HAVE AN EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION PLATFORM: When working remotely it is important to be able to interact with other team members and track your workday. Having a good collaboration tool such as Trello or Mondays will enable you to keep track of your work during the day/week. For face to face conferences, Skype and Zoom may be a suitable option.

3. HAVE A RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION: Check with your internet provider to ensure you are on the most effective plan to suit your needs when working from home. A great way to be prepared is to use an Ethernet cable to connect your device directly to your modem. This direct connection can boost your internet speed and provide a more stable connection.

4. CREATE A WORK FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT & REDUCE DISTRACTIONS: To stay focused when working from home, set up your office in a quiet part of the house, away from communal areas, log out of social media sites and place your phone on silent or screen incoming calls. Set up a suitable workstation and make sure you’re comfortable whether standing or sitting, this will help to avoid pain or discomfort during your workday.

5. TAKE A BREAK: As in any workplace, employees are more productive when they look after their health and well-being. Working from home may be tiring for some due to inactivity and working in a more confined space. It’s therefore important to step away from your workstation and take a break, doing some stretches or light exercise will break up the monotony … Most importantly, keep a healthy balance of work and family time!