Why You Should Always Check Your Website’s Links
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Why You Should Always Check Your Website’s Links

Avoid the risk of missing out on opportunities… and leaving money on the table! Do you ever test the contact forms &/or email links on your website are working?

If not, do it!! Software updates are happening all the time – internet browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari are constantly updating and these updates can sometimes cause little glitches with your website’s coding, which in turn can result in your website’s forms not working, or your email link breaking or malfunctioning.


Schedule regular tests of your website’s Contact form and email links for at least once a month and see it through to the end by making sure the form submissions and emails do actually come through. This way you will avoid the risk of missing out on contacts, leads and opportunities coming in via your website … and leaving money on the table!


Need help with maintaining your website’s software? We offer a comprehensive and affordable Website Maintenance & Support program that includes regular checks and updates of your website’s WordPress and plugin software, we also check that you have Website Security Software installed (it’s surprising how many websites don’t!) and install and set that up, if needed. We run regular tests of your website’s ‘browser compatibility’ (ensures your website’s software is compatible with the software of internet browser’s such as Firefox and Chrome), and regular test and fixes of your website’s mobile responsiveness. Visit our Website Maintenance & Support page for details.



DISCLAIMER* The information provided on this post and website through is general in nature only and does not constitute personal advice. The information has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, situation or needs. Contact WebLocals Australia for tailored advice and support.

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