Google My Business Program - Helpful Q&As

Please contact us if you have any questions that have not been addressed within the following:​

No, our Google My Business (GMB) programs have nothing to do with Google’s paid ads or the AdWords system. There are no fees payable to Google for Ads, there’s no Google budget to set up and keep topped-up etc. Our GMB programs are totally different and separate to Google paid ads.

There are several aspects to setting up, managing and maximising a Google My Business account. Processes can include claiming (if required), verification, set up of your account and optimising of your GMB for your top target keyword-set. We also manage images and promo posts along with processes to help leverage other Google products to ultimately organically channel traffic, leads and contacts to your business and website via Google Local Search.

Yes, we know from experience that processes with Google can take time to filter through. We ask for a minimum term of 6 months to get you correctly set up and well established within the Google My Business environment, after which time you can choose to stop the program, or continue on a month-by-month basis. Giving us 6 months to run our Google marketing strategy for your business will ensure you get the maximum benefit and best returns on your investment.

The short answer is Yes … We believe that having a website online helps reinforce your credibility with Google and it can also help your online visitors feel confident that they are dealing with a legitimate and credible business.  Having a modern, mobile friendly website helps present your business as professional whilst also giving your online visitors (including Google!) access to more information about you and the products and services you offer.