Helpful Questions & Answers About Websites, Hosting & Domain Names

Please contact us if you have any questions that have not been addressed within the following:​

Yes, your new website, once fully paid for, is entirely your property.

Yes, we use the WordPress platform for our new website builds. WordPress is the most popular and easiest to use CMS (Content Management System) in the world. WordPress websites are also very Google-friendly and easy for your website visitors to navigate and use.

Yes, you must keep your website software up to date or your site will get hacked – Hackers are working all the time on ways to gain access to websites, steal information and take-over website hosting accounts (which can happen without you being aware). Hackers write and unleash programs on the internet that relentlessly look for and exploit the security loopholes that out-dated website software create.

We can help – Click here for details on our Website Maintenance & Support services.

Yes, should you wish to, you can move your website away from us to another hosting company – Your website is fully transportable / relocatable.

Put very simply, website hosting is the process of having space for your website on the internet – Just like you need to have physical space for your home or office, you need space on the internet for your website, and a hosting account is the virtual space that makes your website available and accessible online.

The short answer is Yes! Having a domain name is another part of the process for making a website available and accessible online. Think of a home or office space having no address – how can people locate it without an address to go to? The same applies for a website, and your domain name is the address for your website space online.

If you are Aussie-based, it’s highly recommendable to have a .COM.AU domain name for your website, so that Google and your online visitors can know at a glance that you are indeed an Australian based business.

Domain email is also known as Business Email and relates to an email address that matches your domain name. For example, a website address of could have a domain or business email address of . Having a domain or business email address helps promote your business in a professional way – Why promote @Bigpond, @Gmail, @Yahoo or any other company when you can be promoting your own website and domain name?!